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New destinations, unique adventure, experiences beyond the usual.

Welcome to! is the official website of DON Public Videos (DPV) on Facebook and THE DON on Youtube.

Talking about travels and holidays, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is luxury beaches, hotels, resorts, and cruises famous and known to everyone anywhere in the world. The bulk of publicities, write-ups, and advertisements in all media platforms and the talks about we hear, who wouldn’t want to be in those places?

If you have the money, the facilities, and the ways and the means, why would you miss the time to be in a place getting treated as somebody else, the chance to meet possible partners in business or life?

But the joy of traveling, seeing the world from another side, experience the thrill, the suspense does not mainly revolve only in these luxurious places because there are lots to see and better places to go other than what is known. And the excitement is far beyond the usually told, heard, and seen. focuses on featuring underrated and introducing unknown places for budget travel and holidays to offer everyone additional options to suit their budget and make the travel adventure different from the usual.

Millions would love to explore new places to see, experience, and capture unique stories. But considering the tight financial budget, only a few of them could afford to go on the holidays with the taste of luxury. And if you are thinking of going somewhere cost-friendly places; therefore, this website meant to be your website. designed to change usual thinking that travel adventures had to be a touch of luxury; instead, it is an experience of thrills, excitement, discovery and connects to the community in a unique and cost-friendly value of resources and capability.

Be among the first ones to be in a place where sights, thrills, atmosphere, and other attributes are non-ordinary, do the DPV; Discover the Published places and Visit.

Don Banaria

Publisher/Video Creator

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A site dedicated to people who dare discovering, exploring and seeking new adventure, new thrills in detested points but with incomparable description.

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